JSPR Leende

Loft feeling with understated luxury

The living areas are situated on the ground floor, such as a spacious kitchen, dining room and living room. The tasteful decor exudes an atmosphere of understated luxury, which is completed by a unique panoramic view of the outdoor area. A conscious decision was made to bring the living areas together in an open space, so that - certainly in combination with the high ceilings - the idea of a loft is created.

Understated luxury

Part of nature

The spaces are extra light thanks to a skylight in the entrance area, which also contains a front room. Due to the sloping character of the plot, this space is situated higher from the ground. Thanks to the combination of large windows and lush planting on the outside, you have the feeling that this space is part of nature - another beautiful example of the interplay between inside and outside.

Outside becomes inside

From Dekko to Luxius

For years we were known by the name of the factory and our first brand: Dekko Lighting. But we needed a change. Especially now that we represent many brands at home and abroad and have built up an impressive portfolio. We wanted something new. Something unique and our own: Luxius.

Luxius Logo Inspired By Light Black Svg