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For businesses

Unique and timeless

We accept every challenge that comes our way, because the outcome will always be a unique and timeless interior. We have created some spectacular interiors for yachts, business lounges, office buildings, hotels, restaurants and sports complexes. So we would like to challenge you: discover what Luxius can do for you.

For home owners

High-quality luminaires

We use high-quality luminaires to create the perfect combination of light and design in every room. Our exclusive and modern lighting solutions are made to measure. Luxius allows you to bring lighting and atmosphere into your home in an authentic and dynamic way.

Light as a source of inspiration

Decorative design lighting

At Luxius, we bring you the exclusivity of architectural and decorative design lighting. As a distributor of European high-quality and minimalist luminaires, we have built an extensive dealer network.

If there is light, Luxius will be there

We have brought many high-profile assignments to a successful conclusion. They include stadiums, theatres, gardens, luxury villas, business lounges and beach clubs. If there is light, Luxius will be there.

The power of Luxius

Unique and luxurious

Luxius is not the norm, but the exception. We deliver unique, luxurious and premium products at a competitive price. The following guarantees are part of our DNA: accessibility, personal contact, a no-nonsense mentality, years of experience at the highest level and the convenience of sales points/partners throughout the land.

At Luxius, we want to offer you an unforgettable experience. We will introduce you to unique brands that you will not easily find anywhere else. Our luminaires are also sustainably produced in Europe. You can discover them in our beautiful showroom in Leek. There you can also see how the different materials are used. Materials such as copper, brass, wood, porcelain and concrete.

Hotels, restaurants and bars

Atmospheric design lighting

In hotels, restaurants and bars, atmosphere and experience are more important than ever. Distinguish yourself from the rest with our exclusive collections. We like to use special materials and create entirely new fixtures on request. Trendy or timeless, the right lighting really brings your interior to life!

Illuminate your space

Creating Challenges

We work closely with our partners which include (light) architects, stylists and (interior) designers. Together we create bold and daring lighting plans for every project, big or small. We provide each room with the appropriate luminaires. But we do not stop there. We use lighting in an efficient manner. This means that each luminaire reaches its full potential, that the power consumption is reduced and that a long life is absolutely guaranteed. Are you ready for a true lighting experience?

From Dekko to Luxius

For years we were known by the name of the factory and our first brand: Dekko Lighting. But we needed a change. Especially now that we represent many brands at home and abroad and have built up an impressive portfolio. We wanted something new. Something unique and our own: Luxius.

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