Tuscany Residence Aruba

Tuscany Residence Aruba

Within walking distance of the most beautiful white beaches and the clear blue ocean, Tuscany Residence Aruba is located in one of the best and most popular areas of Aruba.

About 180 exclusive residences are being built in all sizes and prices, to suit everyone's needs. They vary greatly in layout, lighting and offer luxury and comfort.

Inside and outside

Dutch architecture

The combination of the beautiful Dutch modern architecture and the Aruban palm trees provides a pleasantly luxurious Aruban feeling and relaxed atmosphere in the resort. Tuscany Residence Aruba is the perfect choice for couples and families.

Luxurious appearance

From Dekko to Luxius

For years we were known by the name of the factory and our first brand: Dekko Lighting. But we needed a change. Especially now that we represent many brands at home and abroad and have built up an impressive portfolio. We wanted something new. Something unique and our own: Luxius.

Luxius Logo Inspired By Light Black Svg