Euroborg FC Groningen

Euroborg FC  Groningen

In the business lounge of FC Groningen you will find the Hattrick's Pub, Hattrick's Lounge, the Wine & Dine Restaurant and the Business Desk. The various rooms can be separated, so that the rooms can also be booked separately. Each room is equipped with Luxius design lighting.

Hattrick's Pub

Atmospheric dining

FC Groningen Horeca offers the opportunity for lunch or dinner in the Wine & Dine Restaurant prior to every match. Enjoy an exclusive dinner with your guests including appropriate wine advice.

Wine & Dine

From Dekko to Luxius

For years we were known by the name of the factory and our first brand: Dekko Lighting. But we needed a change. Especially now that we represent many brands at home and abroad and have built up an impressive portfolio. We wanted something new. Something unique and our own: Luxius.

Luxius Logo Inspired By Light Black Svg