LUXIUS named preferred supplier for property developer CTP

Projecten CTP

8 January 2024 door Luxius


“Europe's largest commercial property developer, CTP, sets high standards for its suppliers.

With over 11 million square metres of leasable space in Central and Eastern Europe, we appreciate like no other how lighting can make or break a project.

We previously entrusted everything to the architect. However, for some years now we’ve been drawing on the unrivalled creativity and expertise of LUXIUS.

This has proved a welcome development! With its high-end collection of architectural and decorative design lighting and luminaires, LUXIUS delivers exclusive lighting solutions for every conceivable requirement.

The premium lighting company also excels in customisation, is extremely competitive and handles complaints quickly and effectively.

LUXIUS has successfully contributed to a variety of our prestigious projects and can now proudly call itself a CTP preferred supplier!”



January 2024

Remon Vos 500Px
Remon Vos
Executive Director & CEO at CTP